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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Kaleidoscope of Spring

Kaleidoscope of Spring

I am so behind on posting on my blog!  I set all other projects aside to work on the Isaac Fox Book.  Now that it is complete and off to the printer, I will try to get caught up before we leave on our mission next month.

Opening Our Mission Call

We returned home from our trip Down Under on Monday, April 24th.  We knew that our mission call had arrived while we were gone - Conrad messaged us a photo of the envelope with our call while we were still on our trip.  We decided to invite our family over for "The Opening of the Call" and a pizza dinner.  After everyone arrived, we connected with Adam, Jessica, Gigi and Liam via FaceTime and the envelope was opened! Drum roll . . . we are called to the Kona Hawaii Temple as temple missionaries.  We are to report to the Salt Lake City Temple on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 and to serve for a period of 12 months.  Our kids and grandkids all cheered and celebrated!  Then the pizza was served!

 So many happy faces!!
The Craws were on FaceTime joining in the celebration!

Preston, Sam, Ella, Violet, Aleeya and Conrad is in the background.

 My two beautiful daughters-in-law!
 Treygan and Ruby

 Evie and Ruby enjoying carmel rice krispie treats - Allison makes them and they are yummy!
 Evan and Preston
 Jon, Allison and London

We love our family so much and we do appreciate their support of our missionary efforts!!

May Visit To Minneapolis

A week after we returned home, we flew to Minneapolis to watch Liam and Gigi while Adam and Jessica took a two week trip to France and Norway.  This gave Hal and I an opportunity to spend time with these grandkids that we don't get to see as often as we would like.  

We took the kids on a walk every day and visited several different parks.  They loved the swings and slides, jungle gymns and even drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk.

We took Gigi to her gymnastics class and enjoyed watching her progress.

 We got acquainted with Liam's friend, Colton who comes twice a week to play.  The boys had fun together working on puzzles, playing with "super heroes", Paw Patrol etc. etc.  (Hal and I learned about lots of new games and toys for kids!)

 Gigi, had homework every school night (even though she is only in first grade - who would think homework for first graders?).  Grandpa and I helped her as needed.

Every evening we had a bedtime ritual.  We would take turns making up a story, then we would go around the room and everyone would add to the original story so that it grew and grew!  We had a lot of fun with some crazy stories.

 After story time and prayer, Grandpa would roll the kids up in one of their blankets and carry them one by one into their bedrooms and swing the "kid taco" onto their bed.  They loved it!
Liam would settle right down and go to sleep.  Gigi wanted Grandma to lie down with her and tell her a story.  The first night I told her the "Plan of Happiness" and she loved it.  I am sure that she had heard it before, but she was fascinated and had many, many questions.  So from then on when I would ask, "What story would you like tonight?"  She would ask for "The Plan of Happiness".  We also talked about prophets and their role in this plan, I think we talked about Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Daniel.  Gigi loved these Bible stories.  It was a special bonding time and opportunity to share my testimony with her.

We also had the opportunity to go to Gigi's school for a special program in her classroom.  Each child had written a poem about spring and shared their poem with the parents and other children in the class.

 Gigi wrote a cute poem and did a good job when it was her turn!

We also took the kids to McDonald's for dinner one night - of course they loved it - especially the toys that came with their "Happy Meal".
 Being silly at McDonald's

On one of the Saturdays, Gigi and Liam went to play at Colton's house while Hal and I took a break and did some shopping and ate dinner out.

They had a great time playing in the wading pool and sprinklers, having a picnic and jumping on the trampoline.

We are glad that we had this opportunity to spend time with Liam and Gigi!

 Dance Recital

With 8 of our grandkids taking dance from the same dance studio - The Ridge Academy of Dance - of course we attended the spring dance recital.
The theme of the program was - THE JUNGLE BOOK.
 Preston danced with The All Boyz Hip Hop Crew.

                                                     Ruby and Evie   
                                Ruby and Evie danced  to The Elephant March.






  Violet ( with pom poms)


                                                      Lillian             Sareya                                          Dorothy

 Violet dances her solo to - "How Far I'll Go"


                     Dorothy dances a solo to -" Little Did You Know"

                                    Dorothy                                                                   Sareya
      The final bows
                                                                 Evie                   Ruby

***Our Stars***

                                                           All the girls

            Ruby and Evie


We were so proud or ALL of our dancers!!